PORTFOLIO LEVEL 3. UniSanitas, Ana María del Pilar Monroy Sierra

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Page 7

  1. Plants die if they don't get enough water.
  2. If it heats the water to 100 degrees, it boils.
  3. An ice cube melts if you put it in the sun.

Page 9

  1. The system that contains the sun that bodies had in their gravitational field, including planets.
  2. That gesture means that the person hates you.
  3. The clear night is wonderful.
  4. Saturn is a planet so you can see it with the naked eye.
  5. The great part of the book is amazing.
  6. Solar system that is mainly composed of hydrogen and helium that is a gas giant.
  7. Hydrogen is a gas of color and smell that burns easily and combines chemically.
  8. The soil was too rocky for agriculture.
  9. From the mountain he looked towards the fjord below.
  10.  The atmosphere is the gases that surround the earth.
  11. To reach a book on a high shelf.
  12.  Saturn is the active planet and produces 2.5 times the heat it receives from the sun.
  13. The reactor produces steam.
  14.  Dark rings around the eyes.
  15.  Spread the blanket under the tree.
  16. Events happen in time and space.

Page 11

  1. If my father is late for work, he is sleepy the next day.
  2. if my father doesn't eat breakfast early, he has a bad mood all day
  3. If my father doesn't say good night, he can't go to sleep.
  4. If my father doesn't keep the car clean, he gets stressed.
  5. If my father eats beans at lunch, he has flatulence the next day.

Page 15

Jonh's advice:

Todd, I'm sorry to hear that you have problems, you should visit your family at the end of the year after finishing your first year of college, so they will be happy to see you again, I hope my advice helps you, I will. be careful


Page 33:

  1. I usually ride my bike to school because it is environmentally firendly.
  2. I always call my parents when I get somewhere because it is safe.
  3. I often tell my dad to take me in the car to college because he is faster.
  4. I  sometimes run around a park near my house because it is a good form of exercise.
  5. I never go by taxi to the Clinic because it is very expensive.

Page 51.

A: Hi, I'm Ana. Can I ask you some questions about what happened recently from the tsunami?

B: Sure!

A: How was your experience being a survivor of this event?

B: Quite overwhelming, I will never really overcome this sense of terror that I have, it disturbs me to keep thinking about that.

A: Oh, I'm sorry, I hope you can improve soon, Thanks for responding!

Page 53.

Dear, July...

You will not believe what I saw yesterday. I was walking quietly down the street when I heard a shout of fire and I noticed that something broke out and a lot of fire was seen, I ran to save the person who was inside the house and thanked me.

Page 59.

Last summer I saw a strange creature when we went on a trip with my family. I remember we were on the beach and we saw with my brother a big man with long hair in the distance and we got scared because he seemed drowned, when we approached with my brother it was a bit of floating moss and we just laughed.